We got awarded an NSF research grant to investigate malware delivery mechanisms.

Date: Thu 12 Nov 2015

The cybercriminal community is inarguably more organized, better resourced and more motivated than ever to perpetrate massive-scale computer infections across the Internet. The malware distribution systems that they control and operate are characterized by their use of highly specialized suppliers and commoditized malware services. As a consequence of this development, it is now possible for criminals, with little technical expertise, to operate sophisticated exploit kits and instantiate malicious-content advertising (malvertising) campaigns that surreptitiously infect, hundreds of thousands of, innocent victims. The MALDIVES project seeks to study and develop a new generation of technologies and analytics that offer deeper insights into how these malware infection infrastructures are deployed, operated, and interlinked with open web sources.

This project is in collaboration with SRI International and Stony Brook University.

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